Fools War 2024

Lady Catrin Thomas

Merchant NameDescription
Fry GuiesFresh French Fries, Chili Cheese Fries
Miriam’s LongshipSilk material, yarns, fiber art supplies, feast gear, hornware, felt ware, notions & provisions
Twa Corbies TradingLeather goods (boots, belts, leather journals)
GypsysPlunderAndPiratesBootyGarb, accessories, decor, jewelry
Claybaby Pottery & MythicusHistorically inspired pottery & 3D printed dragons
Sir Almeric’s Trading CoLeathers & furs and products, jewelry, small boxes and consignments
Callaway-Murphy Enterprises, inkBooks, feastware, drinkware, garb & eclectic items from across the known world
JZD PhotographyA photobooth and fabric
Calontir TrimTrim & armor plates
Jadi’s Silk RoadCentral Asian and Mediterranean clothing & accessories
Lykania’s EndeavorsGlass Beads, Glass Table Ware, Reproduction Coins, Jewelry, Ext.
Auntie Arwen’s Spices and TeasSpices and Teas
Munitions Grade ArmsRattan, Helms, Armor, Armored Combat Supplies
FireHorse PotteryHandmade stoneware pottery
Positive EnergyPain relief, Relaxation, & Rejuvenation with Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency sessions for humans, horses and other animals.
Kerstyn’s Yard SaleFabric and useful things
Airmeds GiftMassage Therapy and Photography/videography and graphic design