Lord Leopold Guottmann

Merchant NameDescriptionWebsite
Neil’s Sharp ShopSharpening knives, swords, scissors, axes, etc. The sharpest edge ever.The Sharp Shop Facebook
Stormbringers’ TreasureWoodworking, textiles, jewelry, soaps, beard oils, and lotions.Stormbringers Treasure Facebook
David The ScotPurveyor of eclectic items of Medieval Times! Books, Feast ware, Garb, Swords, Knives, Jewelry, and most anything eclectic that looks period.
Accepts cash and credit cards.
Callaway Murphy Enterprises Facebook
Iron Hawk ForgePresenting hand blown glassware, swords, and men’s Elizabethan garb.
Saturday only
Ironhawk Forge Website
Munitions Grade ArmsRattan, Fiberglass Spears, Armor, Thrusting Tips.
Accepts cash, card and check.
Munitions Grade Arms Website
Dragon’s DreyAle horns, some medieval daggers, and a small assortment of deer antlers.
Sir Almeric’s Trading Co.Fine suppliers of many things crafting from: Viking and Glass Beads, Leathers, Furs, Tools, Sewing, Games, Coins, and More! New addition to the “Fill-A-Bag”, our most popular way to get your Bone and Fancy Glass Beads, is the War Bag! A starter Swag Bag for the those wishing to join the evening’s games of chance. The War Bag “King’s Ransom”, a perfect way to sit at the gaming table with your head held high and advance your collection of Swag!
Claybaby PotteryHandmade pottery in the style of historical examples created for modern use.
Accepts cash and charge.
Claybaby Pottery Website
Goblet CityFeast Gear, Pewter Goblets, Tankards, Plates, Bowls, Garb, Baskets, and other Miscellaneous wares.