About the Shire of Tir Briste

Greetings good gentles…

Who we are?
We are the Middle Georgia branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) known as the Shire of Tir Briste of the great Kingdom of Meridies.

What we do?

The Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts, skills, and traditions of pre-17th-century Europe.

Members of the SCA study and take part in a variety of activities, including combat, archery, equestrian activities, costuming, cooking, metalwork, woodworking, music, dance, calligraphy, fiber arts, and much more. If it was done in the Middle Ages or Renaissance, odds are you’ll find someone in the SCA interested in recreating it.

What makes the SCA different from a Humanities 101 class is the active participation in the learning process. To learn about the clothing of the period, you research it, then sew and wear it yourself. To learn about combat, you put on armor (which you may have built yourself) and learn how to defeat your opponent. To learn brewing, you make (and sample!) your own wines, meads, and beers.

You will frequently hear SCA participants describe the SCA as recreating the Middle Ages “as they ought to have been.” In some ways this is true – we choose to use indoor plumbing, heated halls, and sewing machines. In the dead of winter we have more to eat than King’s venison, salt pork and dried tubers. However, a better description is that we selectively recreate the culture, choosing elements of the culture that interest and attract us.

Where to find us?
Our beloved Shire resides in the South eastern portion of the SCA Kingdom of Meridies. Geographically our lands span what is referred to as Middle Georgia with the City of Warner Robins being in the heart of our Shire. We host weekly and monthly gatherings within the region and encourage all who wish to learn more to join us.

Our chatelaine, Lady Elsbeth Fereday, would be honored to make your acquaintance and answer all your questions. Additional contact and meeting information may also be found online. You can reach her at Chat.TirBriste@meridies.org.