Tir Briste Roll of Arms

A list of names and heraldic devices of the members of the Shire of Tir Briste, in alphabetical order by first name.

Lady Aminah of Ellora

Device – Per chevron purpure and sable, a lotus blossom in profile and in chief two dragonflies argent.







Aed Mac Ruaircc

Lady Angharad verch Gwilym

Lady Arnora Gormsdottir

Lord Christian von Rostock

Device -Per fess Or and vert, a bear’s pawprint bendwise to sinister gules within a bordure embattled sable.






Baroness Dianora di Cellini

Lord Dikon de Stokke


Device – Gules, a bend engrailed argent and overall a lion Or.


Badge – Sable, a lion rampant contourny and a chief enarched rayonny Or.





THL Eachna ni Clonmakate

Sir Edward Aldwin




Device – Quarterly azure and sable, a cross nowy between in bend sinister two bears rampant argent.



Lady Eirný in gráa


Device – Gules, a pegasus segreant contourny argent crined and tailed Or and a tierce rayonny Or.






Lady Eisa Mikkelsdottir

Baron Elijah Cameron of Black Isle



Device – Sable, on a bend sinister Or between two towers argent a feather gules.





Dame Elizabeth of Rae Fen


 Device – Per bend sinister sable and argent crusily purpure, a spider argent.






Countess Ellawin of Eaglewood


Device – Or, chausse ploye azure, an eagle striking azure between in base two fir trees Or.






Lady Elsbeth Fereday


Device – Argent, a castle and on a chief purpure three frets couped argent.






Baron Fynlo Mac Cane


Device – Per chevron vert and sable, a chevron raguly on the upper edge and in chief two oak trees argent



Master/Sir Geoffrey MacDhomhnuill



Device – Argent, a chevron inverted between a thistle and three crosses crosslet two and one gules.



Badge – Gules, an Arabic oil lamp lit

within a bordure embattled Or.


Lady Gul Sauromatis




Device – Argent, a swan naiant to sinister within a bordure nebuly sable surmounted by a chief triangular gules.




Countess Hanna bint Abdullah




Device – Argent, on a pale between six butterflies azure a hand of Fatima argent.



Lady Heather ingean Ui Briain



Device – Per bend sinister wavy purpure and bendy sinister wavy argent and azure, two natural dolphins haurient embowed respectant in bend sinister argent.




Baroness Irina Dashkova

Maestra Isabella de Boyce


Device – Per fess azure and vert, a fess bretessed between a lion couchant guardant grasping in its forepaws a quatrefoil slipped and leaved, and two hawk’s lures conjoined by a Hungerford knot argent.


Badge – Vert, two fish naiant in annulo argent

between six bezants two, two and two.




Badge – Azure ermined Or, a quatrefoil argent

and a bordure embattled Or.



THL Jacques de la Fontaine



Device – Ermine, a griffin’s head erased vert and a base barry azure and argent.






Lady Katelina de Chateleia


DevicePer pale sable and Or, on a pall of grape vines entwined vert a rose argent.





Badge – (Fieldless) A rose argent barbed vert, overall a crossbow sable.






Lady Katerina Louyse Kumler


Device – Gules, a chevron sable fimbriated Or and over all an elephant rampant guardant argent.


Badge – (Fieldless) A skull argent within and

conjoined to a chaplet of ivy vert.





Lord Leiðólfr grímr




Device – Argent, a wolf rampant sable and in chief three bones palewise gules.




Lord Leopold Guotman



Device – Vert, a cross Or between in chief two geese rising wings displayed argent.





Lady Lucette Simone Gérard


Device – Per pale azure and gules, a cross between in chief an owl affronty and a fleur-de-lis argent.






Lord Marcus Roland



Device – Per bend embattled argent and gules, a chalice Or on a sun sable and a serpent tailed three-headed dog salient contourny argent.




Lord Michael Robertson of Tir Briste


Device – Per chevron vert and sable, a chevron and in base a bear dormant contourny argent.






Nannina Benedetti

Lady Patricia Galway




Device – Per bend purpure and vert, a unicorn couchant and a four-leaved shamrock saltirewise slipped argent.




Sir Ragnarr Þorfinnsson

Earl Richard of Rae Fen


Device – Per bend vert and argent, a bend between a cross moline and a pine tree couped counterchanged.






Lady Rosemary de Whitney




Device – Per bend argent and vert, a sprig of rosemary vert and a lion couchant contourny head lowered Or.




Lady Rowan MacMurrough




Device – Azure, a bend argent charged with a sun azure between a Pegasus rampant and a G-clef argent.




Count Timothy of Long Bennington



Device – Sable, an alaunt statant regardant and issuant from base a demi-sun argent.





Lady Yden Winterpijl van Wolfsgate



Device – Azure, a wolf rampant and a lion addorsed within a bordure argent.




Badge – (Fieldless) On a rose proper a winged wolf sergeant guardant argent.







Badge – Argent, a wolf rampant and a lion addorsed sable, on a chief azure a tree blasted between a pair of wings argent.




THL Ysabel d’Ange



Device – Ermine, on a fess azure two winged hounds sejant addorsed argent.





Countess Ysmay of Branston



Device – Gules, a dolphin haurient contourney within and orle argent.


Badge (Newcomers’ and Welcome Home) – (Fieldless) A triquetra and an annulet braced argent.