Tir Briste Newsletter

The Tir Briste Newsletter is a quarterly publication of the Shire of Tir Briste.


2017 issues will be released at the beginning of April, July, and October and at the end of December.


If you are interested in contributing articles, artwork, or photographs to the newsletter, contact our Chronicler Lady Arnora Gormsdottir.

2017 Issues

April Issue
Recent awards, a 15th century French miniature, and an article on glogdad vin.
Issue 1.pdf
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July Issue

An overview and images of 12th century garb and an article on Princess Mary

Issue 2.pdf
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2016 Issues

Fall Edition
Submissions: How to Play Knucklebones, Increasing the Population of Tir Briste, and the 2017 RUM Challenge
Issue 4.pdf

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Summer Edition
Shire social, Officer updates, and Facebook updates
Issue 3.pdf
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Spring Edition
Submission: Portrait of Cody
Issue 2.pdf
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Winter Edition
Meeting notes
Issue 1.pdf
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