In the year 2019 there was feasting, dancing, combat and singing and general revelry around the globe. Then in the year 2020, the pandemic hit. It was felt around the world as people went out less and social distanced from each other. There was no more feasting, general play or learning in large groups. A loneliness was felt around the world as you had to stay atleast six feet from most people. The SCA had an answer to this.


Kingdoms – Click on Name for Video

Æthelmearc – Covers USA: central/western Pennsylvania, western New York, and West Virginia

An Tir – Covers USA: Oregon, Washington, the northern tip of Idaho CANADA: most of British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories

An Tir – Video 2

Ansteorra – Covers USA: Oklahoma, and Texas east of the Mountain time zone

Artemisia – Covers USA: Montana, Utah, southern Idaho, and Western Wyoming (Evanston, Green River, and Rock Springs)

Atenveldt – Covers USA: Arizona

Atlantia – Covers USA: Maryland, District of Columbia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Augusta, Georgia.

Atlantia – Video 2

Avacal – Covers CANADA: eastern British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Caid – Covers USA: Southern California, Greater Las Vegas Area, and Hawaii

Calontir – Covers USA: Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Northern Arkansas

Calontir – Video 2

Drachenwald – Covers Europe, Africa, Middle East (No Video, see below in local groups)

Ealdormere – Covers CANADA: Ontario (except for Essex County, and Northwestern Ontario around Thunder Bay.).

East – Covers USA: eastern Pennsylvania, eastern New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine. CANADA: Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

Gleann Abhann – Covers USA: Mississippi, Louisiana, most of Arkansas, and Memphis, Tennessee

Gleann Abhann – Video 2

Lochac – Covers Australia and New Zealand; parts of Antarctica

Meridies – Covers USA: Alabama, almost all of Georgia, a bit of the Florida panhandle, most of Tennessee, and parts of southern Kentucky (Allen, Barren, Calloway, Logan, Simpson, and Warren counties)

Meridies – Video 2

Meridies – Video 3

Meridies – Video 4

Midrealm – Covers USA: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Scott County in Iowa, most of Kentucky

Midrealm – Video 2

NorthShielod – Covers USA: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan CANADA: Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario

Outlands – Covers USA: New Mexico, Colorado, parts of Nebraska; Eastern Wyoming, and El Paso & Hudspeth counties in Texas

Trimaris – Covers USA: Majority of Florida; lays claim to Panama

Trimaris – Video 2

Trimaris – Video 3

West – Covers USA: Northern California, Nevada and Alaska; ASIA: Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Pacific Rim

West – Video 2

West – Video 3

Local Groups – Click on Name for Video

Barony of South Downs – Covers USA: Atlanta, GA

Principality of Insulae Draconis – Covers: United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland

Principality of Normark – Sweden Video 1, Kingdom Drachenwald

Principality of Normark – Sweden Video 2, Kingdom Drachenwald

Shire of Forth Castle – Savannah, GA, USA, Kingdom Meridies

Misc. Groups – Click on Name for Video

Free Company of Anglesey and its friends from multiple groups often referred to as The Bog for their affiliation with early period celt history.

La Mesnie des Leus du Val De Loyre & Rougeborgne entertainment, a group of dancers from England, France, Italy and Belgium.

A Collection of Woman from Around the Known World

Compilation of Dance Videos from all Around the World

Current and Former SCA Queens Dance Video

College of Arms

House Shadow Legion

Men of Drachenwald

Meridies Ministers of Children

Virtual Melee – A collection of people from US, Australia, Canada, Poland and Finland.