All the Forms!!

So, there are times when we are in need of a release form. Sometimes it’s for a fantastic photo you took, and sometimes its for allowing someone to take such a gorgeous photo of you!! Let’s be real, we have a lot of great artist in the Shire and some even more stunning people that fill it.

Here in the Shire, we want to make sure that all the correct documents are filled out, and this page is an effort to help us do that.

Here’s who we have a model and/or photographer release form on file:

SCA Name Mundane Name Photographer Release Date Signed Model Release Date Signed
Elsbeth Fereday Elsbeth Adams yes x/x/xx yes x/x/xx
Katelina de Chateleia Samantha Gallow yes x/x/xx yes x/x/xx

Here’s one location to find these and more forms that you may find useful throughout your time with us here in the Shire:

Any of these releases can be removed at any time by simply letting us know at the Shire, and we will make sure that Kingdom is appropriately notified.