Rapier Marshal in Charge:
Baron Piers Simmons

Saturday Fighting Schedule:

9:00 AMArmor Inspection Opens / Authorizations
10:00 AMScholars Challenge
TBD AM Scenarios Begin
4:00 PMFighting Ends

“A Saga of Blood and Steel”

Fool’s War Event Scenario By

THL Cameron of the Black Isles (MKA- Erik Whitaker)

THL Piers Simmons (MKA- Tyson Newell)

The Ronin Jubei (MKA- Robert Martin)

“The Township of White Orchid has opened its gates to the world for the Witcher’s Wild Hunt! This small hamlet, home of Tradesmen, Hunters, and Citizens of all types invites every and all folk to come and join in a tournament unlike any other ever seen in the lands! Be you human or feyfolk, young or old, urchin or landed lord, the festival has something for each and all. Come and try your hand to finding the wealth of the old kings and elven lords from days of yore… should you dare…”

The Roles:

The Stronghold of Caer Morhen: will serve as a “safe place” for fighters to beat up on each other without interfering with the current conduction of the tournament(s) nor incur any promotions or penalties there within the grounds of.

The “Grandmaster” is largely fulfilling two functions: Marshal-in-Charge and Lyst master/mistress.  As far as managing affairs, the master is centrally located to the academy as being “the grand master of the academy”. Administratively, all results from all over activities are reported to the master and recorded appropriately. May only spar within the academy gounds, may only duel should a tiebreaker between the factions be required. May select a trustworthy assistant to help with administrative support. 

The “Factions Leaders” are just that. Roleplaying drama, schtick, and whatever else they need to as being the designated spokespersons of their factions.  This does not exclude them from participating in any of the activities of the day.

The factions:

  • Nilfgraad Contingent
  • Redanian Vanguard

The Apothocaric is the only person able to heal any participant of any wounds obtained during a duel. (Read that again, then again for good measure.) This healer will be responsible for the “prize boxes” as each participant will be required to pay fees for healing in SWAG (read that again.) Should a participant be unable to pay the fee, the option of bartering “a service for a service” must be permitted. Otherwise, all wounds are retained for the next duel/sparring match. As the Healer is a staple within the mechanics of this concept, they are not allowed to participate in any of the fighting activities. They are, however, allowed to set up shoppe wherever they feel is most convenient (to them).

The Merchant of Novigrad is a character unlike any other… and the only one able to remove themselves from any duel at any time. The merchant is only a cover used by a spy who is working a greater end game. The warrior diplomat/dignitary incognito, this merchant works other angles to counter “The guild” to make things fair… or just… or poetic… or honest and chivalric… or not.  The merchant is a free agent who can move about unrestricted and help manage the lysts if asked. There is also the possibility that the merchant is a selected “entourage agent” and acts as the royal guardsperson” should violence break out near the crown(s). The merchant is the only one who is capable of “killing another duelist” (read that last part again).

The Mobs of Spectators: Power of the People. They alone hold the key to anyone’s victory. It is often said “Win the People, win the Throne” in that one series on HBO… Game of Thrones.  The people’s power is in voting and selection. They are the spectators, not participants on fighting arts.

The crown and representatives are the Law… they administer judgements and issue penalties to those caught breaking the laws of the lands as befitting their stations… or maybe they are corrupt and use the laws to improve their holdings at the cost of others. Only the guild, the diplomat, and the merchant of Istanbul, can levy charges of corruption against the crown… to which only the crown him/herself can execute judgement upon (read that one more time very carefully). Judgement may be as simple as donating to the orphans’ time, a service, or SWAG, or as complex as “You will serve feast then wash dishes… but only after you belly dance in court. I’m sure someone here has a drum.” The crown also has the ability to collect on unpaid Debts should such a thing be necessary… in court. As most courts were held to settle disputes and debts. In this case: any I.O.U.s that have been given to the healer and not fulfilled.

The representatives:

  • Event Autocrats or other selected staff appointed by the Autocrats.
  • Royal Liaisons and/or Chancellors
  • Head or Lead of Entourage (for any crown present)

How it all Works:

  • A central ground for fighters and participants of all kinds should be identified and allocated for use (example: lyst field). The grounds will be divided evenly to partition the two factions to best facilitate the sense of community and establishing commonality among the attendants of the event. While this may seem counter intuitive, it is only by breaking away from the common groupings may stronger social bonds be made while newer ones are formed/forged.
  • Melee: It is feasible to have melees occur given the standing factions can operate as armies. In which case, all melee rules apply per the conventions outlines in the marshalate documentation. Minimum number of three per team is required to be counted as a melee. However, a melee will be scheduled at the discretion of the RMiC.
  • Duels: duels may be individual or team based-based occurrences. Each duel must have an agreement of victory, allowance of arms, a witness (marshal), and representatives of a feud (if applicable… literally anyone who has an argument worth fighting for). A duel may be unconventional in pairings. While historically there is evidence of a single person winning against 30+, a mass duel may have no more than 4 participants at a time (3v1) or five if the duel should have a pairing (5v2) for safety purposes.
  • SWAG: trinkets and items of no monetary worth but representing something in place of money. Each participant shall start with a small bag of 10 pieces. This will help enable betting on fights and other actions taking place within the event (personal acquisition of SWAG) as well as render payment to other functions as necessary (fees and levies). Traditional tavern/card games may be required to help facilitate this particular interest.

Opening the lyst:

  • At the start, during inspection, each participant will be deemed suitable if safety parameters are met and SWAG is notated by the lyst-keeper. The lyst registry will track name, combat conventions (authorized weapon forms), then allocated to a faction within the academy (as the stronghold is outside any normal governing systems).
  • After which, the Grandmaster will open with a whimsical scenario to set the mood and outline the rules and conventions for winning/victory. This will then allow the faction leaders to begin their schtick attempting to win over the people as voting begins. During this time, the factions may try to persuade other players to side with them (as mercenaries tend to do). And in typical fashion, this will be an ongoing thing as circumstances change throughout the day based on interaction, the leaderboard (points-driven), and populace’s opinion. 
  • A duel may be issued at any time to anyone anywhere within the timeframe of the tournament. Results will be shared to the lyst-keeper on who was victorious upon completion or shortly thereafter. The wounded may limp to the apothoceric for healing or continue in their present condition.
  • If a combatant suffers a loss of arm, they must have assistance in carrying whatever gear was discarded. If a combatant suffered a loss of leg, they will be required to either crawl, hop, or be carried to wherever they wanted to go until healed. If a combatant suffers a grievous injury that is deemed a death within the conventions of combat, they must somehow in some way, be assisted in all capacities to the healer before resuming. Discarded armor carried, discarded weapons are carried, assisted walking is mandatory. It may be from and and all at the event and some form of swag payment should be made if the county/house does not have sufficient funds.
  • The only time death may occur is when battling the merchant of Novigrad, the wandering diplomat, or the crown. Upon which, the loss is an automatic forfeiture of SWAG and the “dead soldier” will report to the lyst-keeper or Grandmaster for accounting and re-issuance of swag. Swag may be provided Grandmaster (school fees will be incurred), or crown (good luck), or from a personal stash. To clarify any confusion on the terms of death: only the above listed have to ability to kill by means of draw-cut assuming the conventions of combat are met.
  • As literally everyone is eligible to participate to one degree or another, gambling is inevitable. Gambling is a natural occurrence and allows for new mechanics to become employed throughout the day. The exchange should be fair and friendly and held only within the realm of SWAG (legally no legal tender may be used for this purpose). Swag may include but is not limited to: beads, coins, jewelry, bits and baubles, or other similar trinkets. Each bet must be of a tangible thing. Sorry, friendship is not a commodity to be bought or sold… neither are hugs, high-fives, fist bumps, or other similar gestures. Get over it.  Services are, also, not considered SWAG as a service is an action taken to alleviate DEBT to either the Village Healer or the CROWN(s).

As this is a point driven tournament setting, here is some of the breakdown on point accruement:

  • Winning a duel: +1
  • Winning a melee: +3
  • Best death (by vote): +2
  • Most theatrical (by vote): +2
  • Criminal (times caught by “cheating”): -3
  • Most loved (by vote): +5
  • Most chivalrous (by action): +2
  • Capturing a cheat: +2
  • Winning a mass Duel: +5
  • Stopping Corruption: +3

Prizes will be awarded to:

  • The most chivalrous
  • Highest score
  • Most wounded 
  • Most generous (totally different than chivalry)


Each area as seen on the Site Map will be designated a zone with specific limitations based on Zone activities supported. This document will be readily available for public review AFTER the Lyst has opened. Example: NO thrown Weapons in the merchant quarter. NO Melees, mass duels, or thrown weapons around horses. NO spear fights around tents/camps.


  • Fighters who participate in the FNF tournament will be given an advantage.
  • Fighters who participate in the MoB sponsored tournament will be given an advantage, the winners will receive a pre-selected role upon conclusion of the tournament.
  • The lyst closes at 4pm EST. the tournament will end one hour BEFORE closing court or at 4pm EST… whichever happens first.
  • The crown(s) or their selected representatives may award discretionary points to a maximum of 10 per person. No more than that. Nor may those points be applied to oneself should that representative wish to participate.
  • Failure to collect any prizes at court will result in a fortfeiture of that prize.
  • Failure to settle debts owed before court will result in the crown(s) getting to collect on that debt.
  • A published copy of the rules will be on hand. If its not in writing, its not a rule.
  • A price list of healing services will be available for the public to see. Prices may not change, but debts to the healer may.