Tir Briste Presents Fools War XXXII
April 6th-9th, 2023
Songs of the White Wolf

Camp Benjamin Hawkins
2251 Boy Scout Drive, Byron, GA 31008

The Conjunction of the Spheres brought magic and monsters to the Continent, and Witchers train to keep humans safe from the fearsome beasts – if only the humans would stop fighting each other also. Songs of the legendary Witcher called Geralt and his travels are sung throughout the land and inspire many soldiers and adventurers seeking glory.
What songs will inspire you?

Lady Yden Winterpijl
(MKA: Kyah Cooley)
Deputy Autocrats:
Duchess Ysmay of Branstone
(MKA: Stephanie Burris)
Countess Dalla Dyrfina
(MKA: Tiffany Rinaldi)

Adult Member Weekend: $25.00
Adult Member Daytrip: $15.00
Adult Weekend: $30.00
Adult Daytrip: $20.00
Minors 17 and Under: Free
Pre Registration is Open and can be completed HERE
You will be emailed by the PayPal team within about 24 hours of filling out the form. A separate form must be filled out for EACH REGISTRANT.

THL Eachna of Clonmakate
(MKA Sharon Gray)
112 Bonanza Dr.,
Bonaire, GA 31005

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